Strategic master plan for the development of the urban settlement "City of Krasnokamensk"
LOCATION: Transbaikal region, Krasnokamensk
AREA: city
STATUS: Concept
Team of Siberian Laboratory of Urbanism LLC: Alexey Kozmin, Sergey Mayarenkov, Elena Grigorieva, Andrey Makarov, Valentina Kazakova, Evgenia Kenzina, Pavel Dorofeev, Natalya Podshivalova, Valeria Solovyova, Mark Rusanov, Lidiya Khokhlushina, Andrey Surkov, Arina Moskovskaya, Anastasia Repina, Pavel Kovsharov, Tatyana Galushchenko, Alexander Orlov, Nikita Balashov, Daniil Gerasimov.
The master plan for the city of Krasnokamensk was developed in accordance with the order of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1971 dated September 3, 2021 (clause 4). In 2023, he was presented to Vladimir Putin at the Eastern Economic Forum, where he received support. On January 9, 2024, the master plan for the city of Neryungri was approved by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.
The decision was made on behalf of the President.
Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Government of the country, together with the authorities of the Trans-Baikal Territory, to approve a plan for the comprehensive socio-economic development of Krasnokamensk until 2030.
The development of the master plan was carried out throughout the year with the participation of the government of the Trans-Baikal Territory, the administrations of the city of Krasnokamensk and the Krasnokamensky district, Rosatom State Corporation, entrepreneurs and the public of the city of Krasnokamensk.

More details about the master plan presentation can be found below.

As part of the analytical stage of the master plan, sociological studies were conducted to identify problems and the main expectations of city residents, expert sessions were held on the main areas of city life, and strategic sessions were held with the participation of the city public. As a result of the analysis of the initial data and the conducted research, 3 scenarios for the further development of the city were proposed - “Optimization”, “Sustainable single-industry town” and “Krasnokamensk 2.0”. As a result of discussions and a strategic session held in Krasnokamensk as part of the development of a conceptual master plan for the city, a development scenario was chosen that combines the Monotown and Krasnokamensk 2.0 scenarios. Within the target scenario, Krasnokamensk develops its industrial function, relying on its existing potential, and also takes advantage of the opportunities created by increasing trade volumes with China and increasing the importance of the eastern vector in foreign affairs Russian politics.
In addition, the city is developing the already existing function of an interdistrict service center, concentrating high-tech social services on its territory. In the development of the mining cluster, agro-industry, communication and cooperation with China, the development of the service economy and inbound tourism, high-tech social services in the areas of healthcare, education, culture and sports. To achieve the goals and objectives of the master plan, it is planned to modernize key engineering and transport infrastructure facilities, improve the comfort of the urban environment, and construct new housing. The Krasnokamensk master plan involves attracting 233 billion rubles of investment by 2030, which will create 4,957 jobs. The city's population will increase to 52,700 people, and the gross urban product will amount to 23.07 billion rubles, which is 68% more than in 2021. The main indicators of the key and priority projects of the master plan are given in the  corresponding passports; the final part of the master plan presents an implementation roadmap, including the main projects. Approaches to  monitoring the implementation of the master plan and  its possible adjustments are also described.