LOCATION: Leningrad region, Primorsk
TOTAL AREA: 202 ha
PERIOD: 2019 – 2021
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHORS: Alexey Kozmin, Sergey Mayarenkov, Andrey Makarov, Stanislav Sokolov, Natalia Podshivalova, Lidia Khokhlushina, Olga Kalinina, Anastasia Kholyavko, Reseda Studio, Alexei Sergeev, Dmitry Sapachev, Innokenty Bitluev.

Primorsk is one of the small towns in Russia, which lost the quality of a real city after the collapse of the USSR. The construction project of the Primorsky UPC, which creates 6,000 new jobs, gives the city a chance to develop. The prospect of a possible increase in the population to 20,000 people allows Primorsk to be "reassembled" and again make it a real city.
The development project of Primorsk and the construction of a new residential area "Two Seas" is based on the principles of supporting the natural framework formed by the coastline of the Gulf of Finland, pine forest massifs and the landscape of the area. On land plots not occupied by forest, a new mid-rise multifunctional building (multi-format housing, social and commercial infrastructure, services and offices) appears, invisible from the sea, preserving the green sea of ​​Primorsk - the forest. The layout of the district develops from the central square connected with the park along the sea coast through the pedestrian street with services and services, which supports the sustainable development of the urban environment and creates prerequisites for the development of entrepreneurship.

The area is built into the existing urban structure through the development of a transport framework, a system of public spaces and a water-green framework, which become the planning basis for the development of the existing city. The main principles of this approach are the controlled development of empty territories, increasing the density and connectivity of the city, and developing pedestrian links with the sea.