LOCATION: Sakhalin region, Dolinsk
AREA: 1.8 ha
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHOR: LLC PG "Flotiliya": Ekaterina Zhuravleva, Karina Tarakanova, Pavel Yassky, Vladimir Suvorov, Ruzanna Prokudina, Ekaterina Sennikova, Maria Ogneva, Angelina Ermachkova, Natalia Averina; LLC "Siberian Laboratory of Urbanistics": Pavel Dorofeev, Evgenia Kenzina, Nikita Balashov; with the participation of: Evgeny Khakimulin, Vladimir Kamenev-Almazov, Yulia Rodikova, Dmitry Pestrikov

The design area is a space of complex shape, it is a continuation of the key planning axes of the city - Sevastyanova and Pionerskaya streets, originating from the federal highway. In the system of urban spaces, the project site occupies an important place - it is the territory of the former PKiO, as well as the only territory in the city with natural vegetation and good pedestrian accessibility from the central part of the city (5 min), which distinguishes it from other public areas in the city.
To date, the park has not been landscaped, there are no engineering networks and lighting on the territory. However, today the territory is actively used for recreational and sports purposes, as well as for dog walking. Here at any time of the year you can meet users from various social groups - families with children, athletes, lovers of a healthy lifestyle, connoisseurs of hiking and contemplative recreation.
All sites are united by the concept of a natural park in which three functional zones are distinguished:

Recreational zone. It includes a pedestrian promenade - Sevastyanov Alley, recreation areas, a children's scientific platform, a dog park "Red Dog", an experimental site of the Station of Young Naturalists. The alley is a continuation of the street of the same name, named after Yevgeny Sevastyanov, the hero of the Afghan war, who was born in the city of Dolinsk. The promenade begins with a characteristic entrance group, giving references to the multiculturalism of the city of Dolinsk - Russian and oriental motifs, Ainu patterns can be traced in the outlines of the gate. The entrance group is complemented by luminous elements with a warm amber glow.

Sports and entertainment area. The park's key venue for major sports and entertainment events. There is a sports pavilion for storing sports equipment with changing rooms and a public toilet. In addition, there is a launch pad for a children's train, a stand with a map of the park, and navigation stands.

Sports and recreation area. Includes sports grounds, workout area, bike path, ski-roller track. The platforms are made in the form of amber stones turned by sea waves. The ski-roller track is located at a distance from the main part of the park, does not intersect with cycling and walking routes, is equipped with lighting and counter-slopes for comfortable all-season training of skiers.