LOCATION: Sverdlovsk Region, Kamensk-Uralsky
AREA: 3.1 ha
STATUS: concept
OWNERSHIP: Project leader: Alexey Kozmin, architects: Valentina Kazakova, Arina Moskovskaya, Natalia Borovikova, investment specialist Evgeniya Kenzina, visualizer Alena Aleshina, with the participation of: Victoria Andrianova, Mark Rusanov, Ksenia Eisenheim, Catherine Gladkova, Catherine Matel. experts: Elena Grigoryeva, Sergey Mayarenkov

The concept is based on the translation of the natural features of the city, strengthening the "green ray" that connects the river and the only garden in the city and is one of the largest public spaces of the residential area. One of the main principles of the concept is the preservation of the existing trees and shrubs, creating a special atmosphere of the space between the residential areas. The natural concept sets the image for the Boulevard spaces, the choice is made in favor of natural materials for all small architectural forms, including natural processed stones with a functional load.
The spaces free of plantations adjacent to the road are saturated with commercial functions in non-stationary objects and large areas for children’s activities. The square formed by the new pavilions becomes a venue for events on a district scale. All the functional zones of the concept are threaded on the "river" - a symbolic reference to the already landscaped fragment of Boulevard de Paris Commune. The river is expressed by both planning and landscape and decorative techniques.