LOCATION: Sverdlovsk region, Cheremukhovo village
AREA: 0,3 ha
STATUS: concept
OWNERSHIP: Project leader: Alexey Kozmin, architects: Arina Moskovskaya, Valentina Kazakova, Natalia Borovikova, investment specialist Evgeniya Kenzina, quantity surveyor Marina Pomazkina, visualizer Alena Aleshina, experts: Elena Grigoryeva, Sergey Mayarenkov

One of the main design decisions is to create a cozy recreation area, emphasizing the natural features. Much attention in the project is paid to the organization of tier landscaping area. Parterre landscaping with local North Ural perennials and grasses along the promenade boulevard and event square is combined with dense plantings of native shrubs and large trees, framing the recreational areas, protecting them from the wind and creating cool shade during hot periods.
The project area is already an active place for children and teenagers to play, socialize, walk, and relax. For the youngest age group recreational facilities have already been arranged in the area, while there are no facilities for older children and youth. Therefore, one of the initiatives of the residents supported in the project is the placement of a skate park and the arrangement of lanes for rollerblading and scooters. The space for skating is organized as a closed, uninterrupted ring around the skate park space with a drawing on the asphalt. All functional areas are separated by landscaped areas and are located at a safe and comfortable distance from each other.
For people who prefer a quiet holiday, the project provides an alley with park swings where residents can sit comfortably, have a pleasant conversation and watch their children play on the playgrounds of "Sunny Island" opposite. For the older generation, the project proposes to organize recreational areas with opportunities for intellectual activity. Small architectural forms — cylindrical benches, poufs of different height and diameter, are grouped as tables and chairs for board games. For ease of use, some elements are already marked with a chess or backgammon field.
On the covering of the event area and the recreational area it is proposed to apply a pattern to include different game and training scenarios. The circular patterns emphasize the already established pattern of the layout of the area, and in the circular impressions located between the cylindrical elements of the SAFs it is proposed to apply symbols reflecting the natural, cultural and historical features of the area.