LOCATION: Republic of Sakha, Neryungri
AREA: 3.1 ha
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHOR: architects: Natalia Podshivalova, Valeria Solovieva, Valeria Gabai, Pavel Dorofeev, Elizaveta Tashchilina, Lidia Khokhlushina; visualizer Andrey Makarov; sociologist: Elena Gruzdeva; investment specialist Evgenia Kenzina; specialists in the field of economics Nikita Balashov, Tatyana Galushchenko; Estimator Mikhail Borodulin

The design area is located directly in the center of the city of Neryungri at the intersection of two central streets: Druzhby Narodov Avenue and Lenin Avenue, at the intersection of the main pedestrian flows, which gives an incentive for its further development. In the immediate vicinity are the key objects of attraction - the Center for Culture and Spirituality named after A.S. Pushkin and the city square, thus the territory is part of the eventful urban spaces. Since the design area includes the A. S. Pushkin Center for Culture and Spirituality and the city square adjoins, it was decided to make culture the main theme of the park. There are many famous local poets, writers, photographers in Neryungri, whose work inspires. The city has the only Theater of Actor and Puppets in the whole republic. Therefore, culture is important for city dwellers.
Functionally, the park is divided into spaces for a relaxing holiday in the northern part, event space along the central axis and active space in the south. The zone of a quiet square is formed due to existing monuments and comfortable benches. Near the entrance to the TsKiD there is a large exhibition area, complemented by light art objects. The central axis is an event alley with a warm pavilion "Wonderful Moment" with the function of a cafe. Along the alley there are illuminated park swings. The main educational object of the space is the unique light art object "Book".

The alley ends with a square with a stage and an amphitheater for events. The youth space with concrete flower beds is located opposite the entrance to the registry office, it is complemented by a unique gazebo and an arch for photo shoots. In the southern part there are two areas for activities: a skate park and a large play area for children 7-14 years old with towns, swings and sports elements. In the eastern part, in the existing square of mother and child, there is modern play equipment for children aged 3-6, musical instruments, a canopy for board games, and a space for quiet rest.