LOCATION: Trans-Baikal Territory, town. Atamanovka
AREA: 1.67 ha
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHOR: project manager Anastasia Kholyavko; architects: Natalia Podshivalova, Valentina Kazakova; visualizer Ilya Filippov; investment specialist Evgenia Kenzina; economics specialist Nikita Balashov; estimator Alexandra Zavolzhskaya; with the participation of: Mark Rusanov, Alexander Shirokolobov

The existing recreational space is the only place of rest for the population of the village. Atamanovka.
Geographically, the park is located in the very center of the village on the street.
Matyugin (the former Moscow tract), adjoining the administration of the settlement, a clinic, the only school in the village, a library. In a minute walking distance at the intersection of the street. Matyugin and st. Communications concentrates the main commercial activity of the village: shops, cafes, banks and other public service enterprises.
The concept of the eco-park is based on the theme of ecology: the protection of the existing pine forest and its ecosystem.
The concept includes the arrangement of new entrances with wooden
pergolas. The main entrance is formed by non-capital warm
a pavilion with commercial functions and a toilet. "Red
area" is located on the site of the existing site. On
The square will have a new large stage with an office space. The sports zone in the park has already been formed by a street workout, to which outdoor exercise equipment has been added. The edge of the forest nearby is defined as a multifunctional zone: volleyball, a fitness area, a place for non-stationary attractions. Places for adults to relax - chamber spaces and places for board games. For children, the existing play area has been expanded and updated: eco-style equipment for different age groups has been laid. The park uses unique navigation with educational elements: information columns with the rules for feeding squirrels, stands about the flora of the park and the village. The theme of health is reflected in the preservation of the circular path, actively used for Nordic walking and running.
The project deliberately does not use rubber crumb materials in order to preserve a unique natural oasis in the very center of Atamanovka.