LOCATION: Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Mozdok
AREA: 2.45 ha
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHOR: architects: Natalia Podshivalova, Valeria Solovieva, Valeria Gabay, Valentina Kazakova; visualizer Andrey Makarov; analyst Pavel Dorofeev; economics specialist Nikita Balashov; with the participation of: Olga Kalinina; Dominanta LLC, Flacon LLC

The design area is located in the northern part of the city, included in the boundaries of the Victory Park. A pre-project socio-cultural study showed that the Victory Park is the main place of recreation for citizens. Participants of the meetings and the online survey, who live in different parts of the city and in adjacent settlements, indicated that they often go to the park. First of all, because this is the main and largest green area within the city. And in the summer heat, the park is the only place where you can hide from the summer heat. In 2019, the city already participated in the competition of small towns and the application won, so part of the Victory Park has already been landscaped.
The territory chosen for participation in this year's competition is a picturesque island, with a rich forest composition, surrounded by water. The island is part of Victory Park, which is a popular public space among citizens.
The concept proposes to turn the island into a cozy space for recreation and leisure, which would unite the residents of the city. The main objective of the concept was to create a cozy hospitable space that would reflect the spirit of Mozdok residents, create new points of attraction, spaces for the activities of local residents and guests of the city. The main activity zones are harmoniously distributed throughout the island. In the northwestern part of the island, there is a "Cognitive Zone" and a barbecue area. In the central part of the island is the living room space. It is divided into four zones: an area with an amphitheater; recreation area with hammocks; a picnic area with an exhibition space between them. In the eastern part - "Square of Afternoon Entertainment". A large territory of the rollerdrome with a pump track, which in the winter season transforms into a skating rink. Play Space is a large rope park for children and adults. Near the shore is the "Contemplation Square". In the southern part of the island there is the "Hospitality Square" - the key space of the territory, with the "Hospitality" cafe, large tables and awnings for a joint meal. Below is a recreation area near the water.