LOCATION: Trans-Baikal Territory, town. Pervomaisky
AREA: 1.36 ha
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHOR: project manager Anastasia Kholyavko; architects: Valentina Kazakova, Valeria Gabay, visualizers Konstantin Berg, Andrey Makarov; investment specialist Evgenia Kenzina; economics specialist Nikita Balashov; estimator Alexandra Zavolzhskaya; with the participation of: Mark Rusanov, Alexander Shirokolobov

The territory of the House of Culture, as well as the cultural object itself, is the crown of the main town-planning axis in the village, on which the school and the school library, the main square of the village, the museum and the only large operating industrial enterprise, the machine-building plant, are “planted”. The House of Culture and the surrounding area is the main point of attraction for the population and a place for all cultural and entertainment events. "Plant for the production of creative people" - this is how the residents call their main leisure center. It literally and figuratively stands like a Temple - snow-white and at a height, from the square of which a view of the entire village opens. Within its walls, the House of Culture brought up many talented and outstanding personalities of the village, for example: musician Dmitry Revyakin (creator and leader of the Kalinov Most group), artist Vladimir Rasputin, cosmonaut Evgeny Tarelkin. Creativity and people became the basis for the formation of the concept of the project.
The bright name "Kalinov Park" at first glance serves as a loud reference to the famous group, but in this project it has more dendrological meaning. The area around the House of Culture has practically no landscaping, so one of the objectives of the project is to create a real park space with many plants - the use of viburnum is an advantage. Its red berries will light up the space of the Park not only in autumn, but also burn all year round in the form of MAFs "Viburnum Berries". Planning solutions form a large "Cultural Square" - the main event platform for mass events organized by the House of Culture. The opposite side of the Park as an absolute contrast to the territory described above in every sense: a cheerful, bright and youthful space on an active terrain. The territory begins with the "Boulevard of Contemplation" - an alley with park swings that overlook the panoramic view of the village. Another boulevard "Pervomaisky tunes" connects the center of activity with the "Cultural" area and serves as a musical space with the corresponding art objects. The Kalinov Bridge playground with interactive musical elements was made in the same theme. The sports zone "In a healthy body, a healthy mind" includes outdoor exercise equipment, horizontal bars and tennis tables. Next to them is the "Intellectual Lounge" - a place for board games and chess tournaments. In the Park, the green areas "Landscapes of Pervomaisky" and the space "Along the hills of Transbaikalia", inspired by the natural beauties of the Transbaikal Territory, were formed.