LOCATION: Irkutsk region, Kirensk
AREA: 1.74 ha
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHOR: architects: Anastasia Kholyavko, Valeria Gabai, Valentina Kazakova; visualizers Ilya Filippov, Konstantin Berg; OOO Dominanta; LLC "Urban Helper"

The design area is the embankment, which offers a view of the group of islands of the fast Nizhny Vyg River, which flows into the White Sea. Cereal and stony formations of basalt and granite blocks are scattered along the coast. They create a unique landscape of pristine nature. On the other side is st. Oktyabrskaya, connecting the territory with the public and business center of the city and key objects of social and cultural life and commerce. The now empty embankment is the main recreational frame of Belomorsk and has all the prerequisites to become the main point of attraction for residents and tourists.
At first glance, the city is young, but the history of this place is fabulous, and dates back to the 15th century. Then, on the site of the modern city, there was the village of Soroka, where the Pomors came to live, forming their Pomeranian ethnic group for many centuries. According to beliefs, they are strong, hard-working, hospitable people, keen on maritime affairs and fishing.
The public area includes four zones:
Pedestrian promenade. It includes a circular pedestrian promenade along Lenrabochikh, Komarov, Zaitseva, Podgornaya streets, uniting the main city public spaces. The promenade stretches from the city embankment and includes both objects of great historical and cultural significance, as well as comfortable places for recreation. On the basis of a comfortable pedestrian promenade, thematic pedestrian routes will appear in the city center - tourist, wedding, everyday, youth, sports.
The recreational area is represented by quiet recreation areas of the Komarov square and the Youth platform. Komarov Square is a chamber green space in the central part of the city. On weekdays, here you can relax in the shade of trees, swing on the city swing, and also hold small events, master classes, field registrations. There is a third gazebo in the park
project area - Komarovskaya.
Sports zone. Represented by the sports ground of the Youth Recreation Zone, it includes a sports complex and modular bollards for recreation.
Cultural entertainment zone. The main city event site will be located on the territory of the prison. The project proposes to supplement the existing stage with a canopy, and the complex of buildings of the prison - with lighting, signboards, navigation. It will also house sites for the installation of non-stationary commercial facilities, in the building of the guard tower - a museum and a souvenir shop.