LOCATION: Trans-Baikal Territory, town. Kokui
AREA: 0.9 ha
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHOR: project manager Anastasia Kholyavko; architects: Polina Zaslavskaya, Valeria Gabai, Valentina Kazakova; visualizers Ilya Filippov, Andrey Makarov; investment specialist Evgenia Kenzina; economics specialist Nikita Balashov; estimator Alexandra Zavolzhskaya; with the participation of: Mark Rusanov

The urban-type settlement of Kokuy is located in the Sretensky district of the Trans-Baikal Territory of Russia, on the left bank of the Shilka, 21 km from the city of Sretensk. The design area is located in the center of the village and is the central recreational and event space. Nearby are the main objects of education, business and culture. The design area is limited by Zavodskaya and Clubnaya streets. Since its founding, the main mass events of the village have been held here. The citywide territory, referred to by the residents as the "Stadion Trud" is a multifunctional space that combines sports, recreational and educational functions.
The new (only) park will fully cover the existing needs of residents and local communities. Here it will be possible to comfortably and in a modern way hold all the village and regional events, arrange new events and offer everyone an interesting cultural program! Here, every resident will find something to their liking.
The concept managed to reflect the identity of the place, which was revealed during the study. The unique nature of the region is broadcast through the theme of birch and wild rosemary. According to the local population, Kokuy means "birch" from the Evenk language. According to legend, there was once a birch grove on the site of the village. Ledum grows on the picturesque slopes of the nearby hills in spring. The birch theme is reflected in small architectural forms and coverings. The color of rosemary goes through the color accents in the park.
The history of the shipbuilding plant, the main city-forming enterprise, had a rather strong influence. The shipbuilding theme is reflected in the elements of the Flying Ship playground.
Special attention is paid to the entrance groups. The territory is large with several entrances, the main one of which is emphasized by the project as a pavilion that passes into the entrance portal and further into the stage canopy of the dance floor. The style and design of the main entrance is made taking into account the developed identity of the place - the theme of birch and wild rosemary. The entrance pavilion is a commercial facility with the function of catering and rental. Opposite is a dance floor where discos, dances take place, and it is also possible to hold fairs.