TYPE: urban environment, architecture
LOCATION: Bulgaria, Veliko-Tarnovo region, Veliko-Tarnovo municipality
AREA: 18,9 ha
CUSTOMER: Veliko-Tarnovo municipality
PERIOD: July 2018
STATUS: concept
CREATORS: project managers Elena Grigorieva, Mark Meerovich, architects Polina Zaslavskaya, Anastasia Repina, Valentina Kazakova, Anastasia Kholyavko, Alena Aleshina, with the participation of MAD "FOX" company

The preservation of heritage and the careful treatment of history is the main principle of the concept. All the objects of cultural heritage located in the area must be subject to renovation, the new architecture is maintained in appropriate proportions, which allows it to be in harmony with the site and the historic development. These techniques help to reflect the identity of the area and make it more attractive to people. The pedestrian is the main user of the area, so the project provides techniques for his comfortable and safe movement. It is a kind of intercepting streams concept, reinforcing the links between the project area, the old town on the east, and the new development on the west.
The Exposition Center building has a multifunctional structure designed for public events in various formats such as: exhibitions, congresses and meetings, concerts and other public events. The Exposition Center in the NGC plays the role of the first "acupuncture point" that activates the vectors of shaping the city, awakens investment interests of the private sector and begins the process of developing the NGC in a future public-private partnership.