LOCATION: Trans-Baikal Territory, town. Vershino-Darasunsky
AREA: 1.3 ha
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHOR: project leader Valentina Kazakova; architects: Valeria Gabay; visualizer Konstantin Berg; investment specialist Evgenia Kenzina; economics specialist Nikita Balashov; estimator Mikhail Borodulin; sociologist Elena Gruzdeva; illustrator Valeria Solovieva

The landscaped area is located in the very "heart" of the village and is a significant link in the system of public spaces. This place is kept in the warm memories of the inhabitants, who saw its heyday or heard the colorful stories of the older generation. At the end of the last century, the House of Culture towered on the territory - the most popular cultural and event space of the region. An orchestra sounded here, adults and children danced, film screenings were held, bonds of love were strengthened and even sports were played. The tragic events - a fire in the 90s - deprived the inhabitants of the most significant space, but left hope for a revival. The concept of the project is inspired by the events held with the residents. It was decided to take as a basis three fundamental themes for the village and the territory: gold mining and hard-working heroes, local legends and the House of Culture. The name of the project was proposed during the participatory design session - multifaceted and incorporating all the meanings and cultural codes of the place.
The Nugget Park is a space that reflects the history of the formation of the "golden" village, the achievements of researchers, geologists, Stakhanovite miners and their hardworking comrades in the shop. Here you can hear the echoes of the main cultural space of the district - it should once again become a meeting place, self-realization and performances of young nuggets, talented residents.
The first entrance zone to the Park is formed from the side of the street. Soviet, which connects the territory with the now landscaped spaces. Passing through the entrance arcade, we find ourselves on the boulevard of gold diggers. On both sides of the boulevard, among the trees and flower beds, there were exhibition stands.
Further, walking along the promenade, we get to the square created in memory of the lost object. "House of Culture in the open air" is the main cultural and event platform for mass and inter-settlement significance. Near the square there is a large children's area, divided into two spaces that are different in terms of architectural and planning solutions. The first space "Along the hills of Transbaikalia" is adjacent to the relief, various equipment in a natural style is installed here. The second play space "Golden Mink Gopher". A reference to a legend read in a local newspaper. To the south of the main promenade that crosses the entire Park, there is the "Garden of Good Neighborliness". Space for botanical meetings, picnics and social leisure.
The most western space of the park, usually noisy, is given over to the young and active. At the request of the children, the Vershina skate park appeared here.