LOCATION: Borzya, Trans-Baikal Territory
AREA: 3,25 ha
STATUS: concept
Author’s team: architects Polina Zaslavskaya, Pavel Dorofeev, Olga Kalinina, Anastasia Repina, engineer Pavel Kovsharov, expert Elena Grigorieva

The project continues the ideas laid down in the concept of DOSA Park — the use of the identity of the sunniest city in Russia.
The project addresses the issue of increasing the comfort of staying in the public space in question, taking into account the climatic features of the city: a lot of sun, windy, cold dry winters — with a local improvement of the microclimate of the space.
The layout of the square is seen as a classical intersection of two axes: one of them — the axis of memory keeps the existing connection of the territory with the Memorial space, the second — the natural axis. The natural axis accentuates the landscaped boulevard of Lenin Street and is saturated with additional natural meanings with the interpretation of the natural elements here.
The intersection of the axes is formed by iconic objects — the transfer of the monument to Lenin here with the reconstruction of the pedestal and the placement of a pedestrian fountain as a reflection of the element of water. The element of earth — the existing boulevard landscaping, fire (sun) — the group placement of pergolas, wind — the accent installation of the wind sculpture on the natural axis in the adjunction to Sovetskaya Street.