LOCATION: Sakhalin Region, Kholmsk
AREA: 0.8 ha
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHOR: architects: Anastasia Kholyavko, Valeria Gabai, Valentina Kazakova; visualizers Ilya Filippov, Konstantin Berg; OOO Dominanta; LLC "Urban Helper"

Kholmsk is the industrial and cultural center of Sakhalin Island, located in the southwestern part of the island. The city has on its territory two sea port terminals of strategic importance and is positioned as the "Sea Gate of Sakhalin". Due to its location in the central part of the city by the sea between two ports, Mira Square, well viewed from the upper tiers of the city, stands out:
1. "sea and gate", a kind of showcase of the city from the sea and the upper tiers of buildings;
2. "Parterre", an impromptu auditorium for visitors to the square watching what is happening in the sea - whether it is the entry of ships and ferries into the port, accompanied by classical music, a yacht regatta, fishing or a riot of sea elements in a storm. This uniqueness of the place formed the basis of the concept of "Sea Symphony", where visitors to the square act as spectators of the daily sea "concert".
The marine theme can be traced not only in the volumetric solutions of small architectural forms, but also in the planning solution, the design of the summer verandas of the cafe, as well as the event content of the area.
In the system of public spaces of the city, the design area occupies a key place - it is the only open space located in the city center by the sea between the territories of two strategic objects - seaports. The improvement of the square will be the first stage in the renovation of the coastal area of the city, which also includes the improvement of Primorsky Boulevard, the creation of a single pedestrian promenade along the embankment, the construction of residential areas, etc.
The design area is a rectangular space adjacent to the key axes of the city - the coastal strip and Sovetskaya Street. The territory is well visible from the upper tiers of the city, as well as from the sea. The site is visually and planningly connected with the development of the city, the infrastructure of the commercial port, it is limited by residential development, the existing street and road network, the parapet of the coastal strip.
The landscaped space of the territory becomes comfortable for the rest of all groups of the population. The project preserves the existing planning structure of the park - the central axis with a fountain, divided into two tiers. Enlarged functional zones are distinguished - a multifunctional zone (event sites, recreation areas), a pedestrian promenade (contemplation zone), a children's play zone, and a food court zone.