LOCATION: Irkutsk region, Baikalsk
TOTAL AREA: 4,5 ha
STATUS: Concept
OWNER: Sergey Mayarenkov, Alexey Kozmin, Elena Grigorieva, Makarov Andrey Yurievich, Natalia Borovikova, Khokhlushina Lydia, Kalinina Olga, Makarov Andrey. With the participation: M. Rozhansky

The authors of the concept of the city of Baikalsk propose to create new identity, a bright feature of the ski resort on Mount Sobolinaya — descent from the track to the ice of Lake Baikal. For this, two trajectories are drawn — east and west.naya. Both slopes pass over the highway and the Trans-Siberianalong the viaduct. Descent from existing ski slopes to the end viaducts are carried out with the minimum allowable for skiers and snowboarders slope. After passing over highways, the tracks gradually descend to the level land, following the parks along Harlakhta (eastern) and Kras-stream (western). On the upper sections of its passages leeves-descents are saturated with various functions -hotels and children’s camp, cafes and forums, shops and points rental, facilities and infrastructure of the special economic zone us. Simultaneously with the bright image function of the descent on Baikal, these two structures connect the Mountain with the center city (eastern arm) and hotel and tourist complex in the west of the Stroitel micro district. And this communication for the greater part of its length passes in a warm circuitre, being an example of the Winter City, an innovative approach to the design of Siberian cities. Reverse lift of skiers from the city is carried out by funicular or multi-seat closed lift gondolas. Possible we have delivery options in a warm circuit. In the summer, the surface of the viaduct roof is green and acts as an ECO-DUKA, as well as a pedestrian connection.

Hotel atrium shape associated with teeth Hamar-Dabana, with gorrelgo rays resort, thanks to its shape hotels organically in the early days population. Usage image quality purity and transparency of Baikal with his icy state. The façade uses material — wood
The hotel fits seamlessly into relief that allows you to organically distribute different functionalny zones. From the southern part of the there is an emerald lake, go to which you can climb the stairs along operated terraces. Spherical atrium emphasizes the smooth Baikal mountains and associatively resembles waves of Baikal. In the atrium can the Museum of Baikal is located the history of the lake, about flora and fauna, about endemics, about explorers of the lake and its surroundings.

Gem Crystal Image Used in the architecture of the service center, symbolizes the ice hummocks of Lake Baikal, framed by golden Siberian pines. On the first level there are catering facilities, and on the second level there is an open terrace and a cafe. The terrace can be accessed through the passage from the operated roof, or from the first floor of the building. The view from this site opens360 degrees. The facade is made of natural stone identical for Baikal architecture. The existing landscape is also the value of this place. Buildings must fit into the landscape. The views of the Khamar-Daban mountain range and Lake Baikal have a high aesthetic value and increase the attractiveness of the ski resort.