TYPE: architecture
LOCATION: Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, Sofya Perovskaya street, 11
SIZE: 152 sq.m.
CUSTOMER: private person
STATUS: Conception
CUSTOMER COLLECTION: architects Elena Grigoryeva, Polina Zaslavskaya, Anastasia Holiavko, visualizer Alena Alyoshina

The projected object consists of two interlocking volumes. The first two-story volume consists of two semantic parts: the front entrance and the "body" of the building. The separation is emphasized by the finishing materials of the facades: the front part is made of ventilated facade, the color of travertine and framed by a decorative wooden element made in the traditional Chinese style (a reference to the general concept of development of the area of the quarter in which the object is designed — "Chinese Quarter").
The second three-storey volume is separated from the first one not only due to the number of floors and material, but also due to the horizontal shift of the building relative to the first block. White Hills façade finish is the same shade as the front part of the first volume and duplicates the main entrance, framed with a decorative Chinese element.