LOCATION: Irkutsk region, Irkutsk
LENGTH: 1 466 m
STATUS: Silver prize e of the International Architecture Festival "Zodchesto'18"
OWNER: architects Andrey Krasilnikov, Polina Zaslavskaya, Daria Kremleva, Valentina Kazakova, Stas Sokolov, Anastasia Repina, Alena Lobaeva, Anastasia Kholiavko, engineer Pavel Kovshakov, visualizer Alena Aleshina, Elena Grigorieva, Mikhail Rozhansky, Rinat Ishmukhametov, Aleksey Chertilov
Kommunarov street
The goal of the project is to create a unique public space, taking into account the historical context and modern social needs, comfortable for walking and cycling, captivating the passer- by and entering into a dialogue with him. It is important to preserve the spirit of the place and emphasize the main features by means of
The concept assumes a network of continuous sidewalks with various types of paving: arrivals to intra-block areas rise to the level of the sidewalk; existing asphalt ramps are preserved, ramps are arranged for the unhindered movement of pedestrians; pedestrian crossings are carried out in paving with the organization of ramps. On the site from the Parkovaya st. to Borcov Revoluziy st. preserved a recreational area with paving paths in place of the existing, trodden ones.

Podgornaya street
The streets of Podgornaya have a complex relief and small parameters, which requires the search for effective solutions for the placement of various functional areas. The main project proposals are based on the study of the territory (urban planning analysis, historical and cultural analysis, sociological research), as well as on modern domestic and foreign practices of creating a comfortable, barrier-free street environment. Recognition as pedestrians and road users), diversity of the environment. All streets are equipped with parking spaces in public gardens, playgrounds and commercial facilities.
The carriageway becomes two-way (car lanes are narrowed in order to reduce the speed of movement). Parking of cars is provided in intra-quarter territorial territories.

Small architectural forms designed to enhance the atmosphere of historicism.

Sofya Perovskaya street
The projected territory is on the street of Sofia Perovskaya street (formerly Matreshinskaya street) within the boundaries of revolution Fighters and Baikal streets. Important in the project is to preserve the spirit of the place and emphasize the main features of the means of improvement. The highlight of this place will be the possibility of holding citywide fair and festival on weekends and holidays.

Priority is given to pedestrians as the main participants in traffic. The part of the street remains one-way for motor transport. the number of lanes is three, one of which is allocated for public transport.

The concept involves a network of continuous sidewalks with various types of paving.
On the even side of the street, there are pockets for cars. To create a safe environment along the paths of pedestrian traffic, Park lamps are planned for large-scale development. The concept lays hidden sockets in the base of the support to enable connection during public events.

The roadway is corrected, and a Bicycle path is arranged along it on an asphalt surface with special markings and color highlighting. At the intersection of (the arrow) is formed Materinski a garden. The creation of the light installation "matryoshka" is the personification of a multi-religious and friendly family.

Gryaznova street
The concept involves the construction of paved sidewalks (now absent) and the restoration of the historic wooden staircase (in accordance with the norms) along the even side of the street, which is connected with the wooden sidewalk along Podgornaya Street.
Comfortable movement of pedestrians is ensured by paved pedestrian crossings raised to the level of the sidewalk, entrances to intra-block areas, or ramps, installation of park lighting, commensurate with the historical environment.