TYPE: Urban environment
LOCATION: Borzya, Trans-Baikal Territory
AREA: 5.96 ha
CUSTOMER: Borzya Urban Settlement Administration
STATUS: Concept for the All-Russia contest of the best projects for creation of a comfortable urban environment
OWNER: Sergey Mayarenkov, project leader; architects Anastasia Repina, Pavel Dorofeev, Anastasia Selyangina; investment specialist Evgeniya Kenzina; cadastral engineers Alexander Bobylev, Nikolay Belovezhets, Elena Tulskova

THE ENERGY OF THE SUN - an impetus to unite the residents to intensify cultural and entrepreneurial activity
"Energy of the Sun" is a project to create a new center of the city filled with the energy of the sun which will give an impetus to the development of cultural and business activities focused on the citizens. The city of Borzya is the sunniest city in Russia in terms of the total number of hours of sunshine per year.

This project will create conditions for local companies to establish themselves outside the city and enter new markets; create additional jobs; and increase municipal revenues. The former Officers' House will be reconstructed into the House of Culture and a new multipurpose hall will be built. Two parks and the station square will be landscaped. There are plans to build new commercial facilities with an area of 6222 square meters.
The activation of public spaces and new construction will launch new economic opportunities for the city. The project will create conditions for the development of local businesses. Using natural and climatic conditions for the development of solar and wind energy: solar collectors will be placed on the Palace of Culture and the co-working space and will also be used for lighting the area and free street sockets. Domestic and international tourism on the natural sites of the Daursky Nature Reserve. The tourist center and hotels will be able to offer a two-day excursion tour.

Orientation to the regional and international market in agricultural activities. Specialization in organic products and local brands. Souvenir shops in the Palace of Culture and the Russian House will be a showcase for the sale of products.

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