TYPE: Urban environment
LOCATION: Irkutsk Region, Taishet
AREA: 18.9 ha
CUSTOMER: Taishet city administration
STATUS: The concept of the All-Russia competition of the best projects of creation of the comfortable city environment
CREATORS: Project leader Alexey Kozmin, architects Anastasia Repina, Pavel Dorofeev, Alina Pak, Sergey Mayarenkov, Evgeniya Kenzina, Svetlana Vershinina, Pavel Stadnik, Pavel Kovsharov, Alexander Shirokolobov

The rebuilding of the central city park in Taishet does not simply create an object of new quality urban environment. This project reinforces hopes for change in the city and especially in its southern part. Participation in the implementation of the project will help urban communities strengthen their ties and support the activity of positively-minded residents of the city.

The park will become a symbol of a new stage in the development of Taishet associated with the opening of large metallurgical plants and an increase in the quality of life and income of the population.

The development project envisages the expansion of the park from 7 hectares to 18.9 hectares. New functions and sites will appear in the park, and the old ones will be transformed into new formats. Landscaping will be done to restore lost trees and create green areas on abandoned edges.
All of the playgrounds were envisioned based on an identified request from citizens, and some of them were designed together with active citizens and community representatives.

A multi-purpose sports field can be used for bicycling and rollerblading, running and skiing in the winter.

The park will become a new community center not only for the old city, but also for the new city, the only park of culture and leisure will gain new life and a larger scale.

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