TYPE: Urban environment
LOCATION: Russia, Irkutsk Region, Sayansk, Yubileyny mrn.
AREA: 5.5 ha
CUSTOMER: Town of Sayansk municipal district administration
PERIOD: January — March 2019
STATUS: concept
CUSTOMER: Sergey Mayarenkov, Arina Moskovskaya, Valentina Kazakova, Anastasia Kholyavko, Polina Zaslavskaya, Anastasia Repina, Alena Lobaeva, Evgeniya Kenzina, Alena Alyoshina, Alexander Orlov, Ekaterina Leskova

The territory of the park is the recreational core of the residential neighborhood and the largest green area in Sayansk, bearing the status of a park. The park neighbors three secondary schools, an art school, a music school and a school of arts under construction, a technical college and the Palace of Culture. Thus, "enveloped" by the atmosphere of youth and creativity, the park becomes a place not only for recreation, but also to discover talents, a place of romance and young energy.

The concept of the project is based on the preservation of the natural framework, delicate landscaping and the inclusion of objects, not invented, but necessary for the users of the territory. The design takes into account the identity of the territory, its life in the past and present.
The park’s lost and existing scenarios are being restored: the wooden playground formerly located in the park is being recreated; the exhibition area, currently represented by concrete couches painted by art school students, is being expanded; the sports theme is being strengthened by designing new facilities (the Thaipark, the Pump Track, the yoga terrace) and reconstructing existing ones.

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