LOCATION: Republic of Karelia, Belomorsk
AREA: 1.3 ha
STATUS: Concept
TEAM OF AUTHOR: architects: Anastasia Kholyavko, Valeria Gabai, Valentina Kazakova; visualizers Ilya Filippov, Konstantin Berg; OOO Dominanta; LLC "Urban Helper"

The design area is the embankment, which offers a view of the group of islands of the fast Nizhny Vyg River, which flows into the White Sea. Cereal and stony formations of basalt and granite blocks are scattered along the coast. They create a unique landscape of pristine nature. On the other side is st. Oktyabrskaya, connecting the territory with the public and business center of the city and key objects of social and cultural life and commerce. The now empty embankment is the main recreational frame of Belomorsk and has all the prerequisites to become the main point of attraction for residents and tourists.
At first glance, the city is young, but the history of this place is fabulous, and dates back to the 15th century. Then, on the site of the modern city, there was the village of Soroka, where the Pomors came to live, forming their Pomeranian ethnic group for many centuries. According to beliefs, they are strong, hard-working, hospitable people, keen on maritime affairs and fishing.
The landscaped area consists of 2 main parts, formed at the junctions of the embankment and existing pedestrian links, where various functions and cultural codes are combined.
Leisure and entertainment area with round dance square refers us to the tradition of round dances and will become a place for city events. A gazebo stage opens up to the square, combined with a visitor center called Yarmanka warm house, where you can buy a dictionary of basic Pomor words and a manual of sea knots with the souvenir knot itself. A large commercial zone has been formed near the square - entrepreneurs invested in the construction of a facility for a Pomeranian cuisine restaurant and the renovation of an existing building into a small hotel. At the junction of the boundaries of the leisure and entertainment and natural areas, there is a large children's space "Golomya", which will take everyone to the open sea due to thematic MAF and the Belukha gaming complex. Along the main promenade, there are various recreation areas for adults and youth, and another playground for kids has been formed. A nature trail runs along the coastline, on which there are Karbasy pavilions that protect vacationers from the wind. There is an observation tower "Vat", from which you can observe all the surroundings around.
The adjacent territories were not left without attention either: within the framework of the general concept, the connections of the embankment with the Pomeranian Culture Center, also known as the Museum "White Sea Petroglyphs", and the "Golden Thread of Pomorie" were worked out.